Rest and pleasure

In Chateau Spa&Resort you can not only improve your health but also spend your leisure time with an interesting company.

The Rostov-on-Don Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Russia with a collection of more than 5,000 animals belonging to more than 400 species of animals. Visiting the Rostov Zoo, you will get acquainted with the magical world of animals from five continents, meet unique for the collections of zoos of the world and endangered species in nature.

Sharing time with a horse is wonderful. Chateau Spa&Resort has its own small horse farm with qualified instructors just several minutes away from our health center. Whether you are a professional rider or a beginner, you can experience horseback riding in our unique entourage. Our animals appreciate a tasty snack and petting, so feel free to talk to our friendly concierge team and we can arrange horseback riding lessons or just a sightseeing tour of our horse farm alike.

For experienced riders and horse racing enthusiasts we offer a trip to the hippodrome located in the heart of Rostov. At the hippodrome you will be able to attend horse racing tournaments or train in the local arena and put yourself in the shoes of a real jokey.

Seasonal racing usually takes place every Sunday, contact our concierge team for more information

Health benefits of horseback riding

Horseback riding is not just a healthy productive sport, but a fun outdoor activity. Here are some horseback riding effects:

  • Improve your emotional state You will be flooded with positive emotions
  • Develop and strengthen muscles
  • Vestibular system enhancement
  • Increase your metabolism

Taking a bicycle for a stroll is an excellent combination of physical exercise and serenity. Discover the beauty of Southern Russian nature as you make your way along the vast pine alleys and mystic fishponds. Each guest is provided with an individual bicycle to discover the unique territory of Chateau Spa&Resort.

Health advantages of cycling

  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved metabolism
  • Stress relief and strengthening the nervous system   

Helicopter landing site of Chateau Spa&Resort provides unique opportunity to take a scenic helicopter tours during which you can observe beautiful landscapes of the region and its various sights.

Situated several kilometers away from the Chateau Spa&Resort grounds in the Cossack historical sites, lies an elite Golf& Country Club “Don”. Discover the scenic Don landscape from the vast golf course grounds and enjoy playing in a unique meadow environment that will make your visit to the golf course truly unforgettable. Take a grasp of the Don’s fresh air and submerge into the peaceful entourage of the grasslands. This activity is suitable for established players or beginners alike.

Have you ever dreamt of jumping with a parachute? Overcome your fears and surpass your limits by taking a leap of faith with the most professional and up to date gear and experienced team by your side. After passing the thorough induction and preparation on the ground, you will be able to make your first jump with the guidance of a professional instructor. Photos and videos will be taken during freefall, so you could share your experience with your family and friends. Our concierge team will make all the necessary arrangements to pair you with our partnering skydiving team for the best experience.

River Don is one of major Eurasian rivers of Russia and the fifth longest river in Europe. Back in the days, it played a crucial role for traders from the Byzantine Empire. Nowadays you can enjoy an adventurous ride along the picturesque landscapes of the river Don. Whether you ride on a luxury yacht or a raft, your body will synchronize with the river and its nature restoring your inner strength. Our helpful concierge team will be happy to assist you with your voyage and find a boat which best fits your needs.

Besides medical programs and a variety of leisure activities Chateau Spa&Resort offers a number of exciting tours of Rostov-on-Don city and Rostov region.  You will see cultural and historical heritage places, ancient towns, Cossack culture landmarks and other interesting sights that will enhance your experience with us. 

The museum of railway technology presents more than 60 exhibits, which clearly show the history of railway transport of the Don region. The museum exhibits 14 steam locomotives, many of which are pre-war, 2 antique passenger saloon cars, 11 freight cars, 5 electric locomotives, 4 diesel locomotives, 4 track cars, a crane on a train, and also rolling stock that entered Russia during the war years in the form of a trophy.

The village of Starocherkasskaya is a real pearl of the region, the capital of the Don Cossacks, a beautiful place with a rich history. During a walk through the village you will visit the main square - Maidan, look at the Cossack houses - smoke, visit the incredibly beautiful Resurrection Cathedral and get acquainted with the life and customs of the Cossacks.

Fancy discovering the local life and history of Rostov? Our concierge team will ensure you get to experience the most fascinating corners of our city. Rostov is a buzzing city, with friendly locals. Enjoy a local meal at the riverside or a casual drink at the city center and let our concierge team do the booking for you. A professional guide will show you around the historical attractions of Rostov-on-Don, like the Don Embankment. During this excursion, you will have a chance to learn about Rostov’s history, its creation and why Rostov is still so special today.

Chateau Spa&Resort is located at the picturesque and pristine river bank Don. Apart from relaxation & medical programs, we suggest you discover our unique environment and contemplate nature’s beauty by fishing. Whether you choose to fish in our canals or the great river Don, we will provide the necessary equipment for the best local fishing experience.